Go Kart Egypt
Drivers, start your Engines, we are going on a Ride at our North Coast Track🏎️
One place that have it all, from Gokart🏎️ to Padel🥎, your destination this summer is sorted. One Eleven has arrived🔥
All the way from Cairo to North Coast, Gokart now are up and running at One Eleven venue in Alamein City, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the Ride🏎️
Our North Coast Track is now ready to have you on board, get ready for a summer Full of Adrenaline, VROOOM🏎️
The count down has officially started, only Two days to start our Gokart journey in North Coast🏎️
Gokart has arrived in North Coast, we are officially Opening our Doors next Wednesday 28th of June. We are excited, are you?🏎️
Feel the heat at Go Kart Egypt🔥🏎️

For reservations call us on: 01140409448
Shift to Karting Mode🏎️

For reservations call us on: 01140409448
Ride With Pride with the Crew at GoKart Egypt, you can find us at Tolip Family Park, New Cairo🏎️
Drivers, start your Engines, we are going on a Ride🏎️

For reservations call us on: 01140409448
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One Eleven North Coast

Adrenaline-fueled laps, lightning-fast turns, and the thrill of the chase - that`s what you`ll find on the epic go-kart track at One Eleven North.

Spend the afternoon racing around the twists and turns, pushing my skills to the limit and leaving it all out on the track. The rush of zipping past the competition is unmatched - it`s an experience every adrenaline junkie needs to try! 💨🏎

📸: @curvekarting

Soak up the sun and make unforgettable memories this summer at One Eleven North Coast! 🌊🏖️ Join us for our lineup of exciting events🔥
Dive into the ultimate summer experience along the beautiful North Coast. Tag your friends and make plans to visit this season!🏎

Adrenaline-fueled turns and thrilling curves at One Eleven North! 🏎️ Spend the day curve karting on the picturesque coastal circuit - the perfect blend of speed & skill. If you`re a driving enthusiast, this is a must-visit destination this summer🔥

📸: @curvekarting

Can you feel the heat?🔥
📸: @ert.motorsports

One Eleven X @roadsnridesegypt ...

If you think One Eleven are done for the summer. THINK AGAIN, we are still going strong for a summer full of Adrenaline🔥 ...

We can`t get over that day😍
📸: @te3ma.vision

One Eleven X Roads n` Rides🔥
📸: @drivers_ambition @ali_dawood_ph

Your Ultimate destination for a heated summer full of Adrenaline, One Eleven Northcoast has arrived🔥🏎 ...

Important Announcement🚨 ...

Your summer with a View🔥🏎 ...

We are happy to announce that our Karting operations are back🚨🏎

Join us and enjoy that vibes at Alamein🔥

Just a normal day at ONE ELEVEN🔥
📸: @obadelashram

Important Announcement🚨 ...

A beast on the track🚘 ...

Your Ultimate destination for a heated summer full of Adrenaline, One Eleven Northcoast has arrived🔥🏎 ...

Beasts on the Track🚘 ...

Our One Eleven drifting area is now up and running, Can you feel the heat? 🔥😉 ...

Speed up to Fun this weekend! VROOOM🏎️ ...


GoKart was founded in 1998 in Sharm ElSheikh it was 550m track, Sharp corners, bends and straights we had High Spec Karts designed for reliable performance with impressive acceleration reaching speeds of up to 80km/h we planned daily tournament to all contestants beginners to professionals we also had special karts for children starting from 8 years old as the business grew over the years in 2008 we opened Hurghada’s track was 800m track – sharp corners, bends and straights then the Cairo Stadium’s in 2010 was 700 m track – 6500 sqm plot, all paved allowing for track layout flexibility in 2013 Port Ghalib at Marsa Allam was built 1500 m purpose built track North Coast at “Porto Golf” opens from the start of June all through to the end of September each year track length 800m partnership with Amer group our other North Coast at “Platform”site is opens at the same timing of Porto Golf the track length is 1500m partnership with Autocross Alameya on the 15th of May 2015 we Opened the Mirage Mall (New Cairo) track, 500m track – 5000 sqm plot, all paved allowing for track layout flexibility.



Our core it to create a healthy, positive atmosphere between all contestant, also creating an ambiance of Joyful activities and lift up their spirits.

Similar to the karting , with smaller cars and track for kids from age 4 to 9 years

Is a game in which two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves, generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls


A one day tournament for 50 people. The event was organized by Amr Macgiver.
Jesuit School, Cairo
A one day event Around 1000 student attended Kids from ages 10-15 took part
Canadian School, Cairo
A one day event held for two successive years Over 2000 people were present Both children and adults participated
MFO Event: Sharm El Sheikh
The event was organized by Go kart Egypt. Around 70 divers attended the event. It started from 12:00 pm till 8:00 pm.

Cairo : Tolip Family Park

North Coast : Porto Golf – Platform in front of 

Marina gate 5 (Only Summer season).

Call Us: 01140409448

E-mail: info@gokart-eg.com

Tolip Family Park